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“Velasco Blaya Advocats” is a firm that was founded in 1995 by David Velasco Blaya, a licensed lawyer number 1788 of the Il.lustre Col.legi d’Advocats de Girona.

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David Velasco Blaya has been a trial lawyer since 1995, with a degree in law from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), with the collegiate number 1788 of the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Girona. Master in Business Law from the University of Nava-rra, Real Estate Agent number 1152 of the College of Real Estate Agents of Girona, Family Mediator and Arbitrator of the Arbitral Court of Girona, and has extensive professional experience of more than 27 years of practice in the world of law.

There are numerous cases in which the lawyer David Velasco Blaya has intervened with a fully sat-isfactory result, among which we highlight:

L'Audiència dissol el jurat popular i el cas del nadó mort s'ha de repetir “El Vaquilla” – condenado a indemnizar a esposa por relatar intimidades en un libro
Velasco Blaya Advocats

CV David Velasco:


Real estate agent nº 1152 of the Colegi d'Api de Girona 2022-Currently
Abogado colegiado número 1788 del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Girona 1995-Currently
Abogado de Casa Darnés, S.A. 2015-Currently
Abogado de Radio España de Barcelona, S.A. 1996-Currently
Abogado de Petrolis Costa Brava, S.A. 2015-Currently
Abogado de Servei Estació Regencós, S.A. 2015-Currently
Abogado de Transports Reixach, S.A. 2000-Currently
Abogado de Fredsystem Refrigeración, S.L. 2016-Currently
Abogado de Congelats Salma, S.L. 2016-Currently
Abogado inscrito el turno de oficio 1996-Currently
Profesor de Fiscalidad en Fesec (Barcelona Activa) 1999
Depositario y administrador judicial del Banco de Santander Central Hispano. 1995-2005
Mediador familiar 2003-Currently
Árbitro del Tribunal Arbitral de Girona 1995-Currently


Curso de práctica jurídica en la Uned 1994
Licenciado en Derecho por la Uned 1995
Mediador de seguros titulado 1995
Máster Universitario en Derecho de Empresa por la Universidad de Navarra 1996
2º curso de doctorado en la Universidad Autónoma de Bellaterra (UAB) 1998
Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria 1997
Velasco Blaya Advocats
635 44 49 92
972 66 35 20
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