Labour Law in Girona

Our law firm offers private clients a wide range of services in labor law in Girona

our labor lawyer in Girona

The professional law firm located in Girona, Velasco Blaya Advocats is specialized in labor law, and we can be of help to both the worker and the company in defense of their rights.

The worker's defense is follows:articulated as

a) First, the background of the case is gathered from the information provided by the client; secondly, the proceedings are initiated through the filing of a corresponding conciliation claim with the Department of Labor and; thirdly, the act of conciliation is attended on the indicated day and time. If the act ends with agreement the file ends in this act. If there is no agreement or the opposing party does not attend the conciliation act, the corresponding legal action is filed.

b) In the judicial phase, we draft the corresponding lawsuit and then we attend the trial.

c) Finally, if the sentence is condemnatory and the counterpart does not comply with the sentence, the sentence is executed until the worker is fully satisfied.

In a similar way, the defense of the company is carried out through the corresponding pre-litigation advice, the assistance to the act of conciliation and the trial, seeking as an objective to minimize costs for the company that may cause the litigation.

Our goal is to find the best legal solution for each case that best suits the needs of the client.

The services offered in this specialty are the following:

  • * Writing of conciliation claims.
  • * Attendance at conciliation proceedings in the Departament del Treball.
  • * Intervention in disciplinary dismissal procedures and for objective reasons.
  • * Intervention in wage claim procedures.
  • * Intervention in claims procedures for temporary disability benefits.
  • * Intervention in absolute, total and partial permanent invalidity procedures.
labor lawyer in Girona
labor law in Girona
Velasco Blaya Advocats
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